Thursday, October 11, 2007

When parents moved to the country my youngest sister was devestated. She doesn't believe people should live anyplace where they cannot walk to everything they need
I'm pretty sure I agree. So, for the past few nights my roommate and I have been explorering our neighborhood.

I was pretty excited about the natural food mart until I tried to buy grapes there ($7.00!). Maybe I'll be getting somethings from them - but it won't be fruit. That's expensive enough without being organic.

We are really excited about the library - except we can't get cards without proof that we live in that city. Stupid Indiana. You know in any other state it doesn't matter if you live there. My parents have cards for libraries in Florida and they haven't lived there in 22 years! In Ohio we had cards for four libraries and only one of them was the city we lived in. No wonder Indiana education is so bad, no one has access to books!

So now I have to wait for some of my mail to get forwarded to me so I can prove that I have a right to use their books.

The coffee shop is nice - we might try out some others too, but walking is always better when you know you're heading for coffee.

Yesterday it was a little wet out for a walk, but we went anyway because it was a little wet in our house (the basement flooded, again). We're going to go shopping today, though. It's also a little cold right now and I don't have a single sweater without holes in it!


Emily said...

Oooh! Exploring! I'm afraid I've lived in my "neighborhood" long enough for it not to seem exciting. But I still like it.

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