Thursday, October 25, 2007

HTML was made by Satan

If I weren't ready to strangle them, the people at blogger would make me laugh. They're oh-so cute with their, "Now you don't need to know html to alter your blog!" Are you freakin' kidding me?!

Once upon a time if I wanted to change how my blog looked or acted all I had to do was go to the website of some more learned nerd and copy the proper html into the html slot. Viola, instant coolness.

Now, if I want something other than the ten blogger-made templates I have to scrounge through techy forums trying to figure out what their "simple" instructions are saying!

I know they feel they've dumbed it down, but "open the html version of the file" is gobblety-gook. What html version?! All have is a jpg, there's no html, just colored dots!

I tried to go the easy route. Just a solid background with a jpg header. How complicated can it be? I see soccer moms with homemade headers. Surely someone who works on the computer all day can figure this out! But when I try to load the jpg into blogger's "simple" system, it chooses an arbitrary portion of it, blows it up to the size of the chrystler building and sets it akwardly in the middle of the page - instead of allowing it to spread across the entire page as I have clearly indicated it should do.

Why is this so complicated? I made my first webpage when I was 12 and all I had to do was place the stupid picture and drag it to the size I wanted! Why is it no longer this simple?!


Robin Marie said...

Melody, didn't you know that simplicity complicates things?

samlcarr said...

In retrospect i'm glad i didn't 'upgrade' when blogger asked me to. i'm happy with fiddling with my template, pretty much know where the bits and pieces are etc. They are supposed to have saved enough of your original so that you can revert if you want to, tho i haven't talked to anyone that's actually tried that!

Melody said...

You can switch back - sort of - but it's kinda weird.

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