Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What do scissors do?

Energy drinks were the only thing keeping me going through the youth retreat, so I crashed pretty hard when we got to the house. It's a miracle Robin was able to wake me up again, but once she did I was already to hit Six Flags. Thanks to modern conveniences we wouldn't even have to wait in line to buy a ticket, we could just pay online and print them from the Six Flags website.

This is a whole lot less convenient than it sounds. The printer ran out of ink on Robin's ticket. We ran to the store to buy another cartridge, which didn't work. We tried all the computer's suggestions and then waited while Robin's father tried them all again. We shook up the old cartridge and got a semi-legible ticket with a garbled barcode. Good enough.

Except for not really - because the ticket lady couldn't read the barcode or the ticket number and had to send us to the customer service booth. Normally this is the part of the post where I complain about how terrible the Six Flags people were and how no one values customer service anymore. But I can't, because they were amazing.

Ticket lady told us that when we got our tickets we should come back to the front of the line so we didn't have to wait again. Customer service lady printed us out new tickets and gave us each passes to skip to the front of one ride line of our choice.

Our printer breaks down and Six Flags give us a line jump for our trouble?

Well we thought it was pretty cool. Almost worth the two hours we spent fighting the crappy Lexmark printer.


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