Monday, October 8, 2007

A Wrinkle In Time...

...or we just went to the Renaissance Festival in Ohio.

We left Friday after bickering with the people from FedEx about why they hadn't dropped my package off at my house as they were paid to do.

Robin was all cute and dressed up since her outfit was shipped UPS and arrived on time. And Jen had a home-made outfit, which was later adorned with daggers she purchased at the festival.

A lot of people dress up for RenFest - not everyone quite gets the hang of it. There are usually a few people think that "Renaissance" is synonymous with "Victorian" or occasionally the 1920s.

In one particularly long drink line we noticed that the two young men in front of us were dressed as Roman soldiers with the feather duster hats and long red capes...and pretty much nothing else. They did have some sort of leather jock-strap deal going on - but that was about it. Sorry - no picture.

Mostly it was too deathly hot to do much of anything. RenFest is better experienced when you're not dying of heatstroke.

These are my lovely siblings who also did not dress up.

And this is my bother with the sword that I bought him for his birthday (it has to stay sheathed at the festival so no one dies on accident).


Beautifully Profound said...

Awesome we have a renfest here in NY too. I always loved going to watch when they had chess game with real people. And I never had a better pickle then at the renfest. ( I love pickles :-p yum!)

Melody said...

Fun times!

We don't have the chess games or the pickles.

We do have jousts and steak-on-a-stake, though.

Robin Marie said...

I love your pics. It makes me sick.

Melody said...

I dont - there's no reason for them to make you sick!

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