Friday, October 12, 2007

A little sketchy

I suppose it borders ridiculous for my heart to skip a beat at the sight of the journal and sketchbook section in Barnes & Noble. It's just so hard to find a well designed journal.

Normally I insist on my sketchbooks being plain, I suppose so that the design on the cover doesn't influence what I draw inside, but I loved this one and it didn't cost any more than my usual sketchbooks. I also bought a little matching notebook/journal.

I'm so tired today. I'm trying to draw these sketches for a logo. Ray started to tell me not to make it anything good - changed his mind said, "Well, make it great. Just don't spend a lot of time on it." Very good.
The name of the place is Clear Spring. So they want, you guessed it, a clear spring for their logo.

This is ridiculously hard to depict in black & white.

It's worse when you're barely keeping your eyes open.

Yes. This is pretty much all I've got. Yes. I am doomed.


So this is mockery said...

Hey stranger, just have to compliment you on your taste of aesthetic beauty, that is indeed a very nice cover

Melody said...


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