Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A week and a half of vacation is to die for.

I ended up driving back on New Year's Eve, I stayed at my parents an extra day and went geocaching with my sisters. It was a pretty pathetic attempt.

I "helped" with a youth group New Year's party at church - which means I chatted with some of the kids and joined in the mass grimace when Josh got a tooth knocked out through his upper lip. I left at 11:30 because the snow was getting bad.

On New Years I went shopping with Robin and her sister, Cheryl, to find a dress for graduation/senior banquet. We talked her in to two.

Now I'm back at work with a little space heater under my desk to fend off hypothermia - and I don't even mind. The holiday was just that satisfying.


Emily said...


I don't mind it being colder out just as long as it's still sunny.

Melody said...

Yeah, sun goes a long way towards making the winter livable. I'm ok while it's still 30 degrees or higher outside, but if the weather keeps on like this through February I'll have a nervous breakdown.

Or I'll buy a coat and gloves. Either way.

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