Monday, December 17, 2007

Stressed to the tenth power

Nothing, nothing, nothing stresses me out as much as money. Impending doom by automic bomb? Oh well, at least I don't have money problems.

I'm bad with money. I'm bad about paying my bills. I'm bad about depositing my paychecks. It's almost a physical impossibility for me to balance my checkbook.

So currently I'm freaking out because a scary sounding guy from a collections agency called me and told me I owe copious amounts of cash on an account I thought I payed in full and closed in October.

The company tells me I didn't pay the bill (I know I sent the check because I remember freaking out how low my funds were becoming as I put it in the mail). So now I have to check and see if the check cleared. More accurately I have to go to the bank and see if in that month a check to that company for that ammount cleared, because recently I've been really bad about writing down who I wrote which check to, when and for which amount.

Don't tell my Dad, he'll have a coronary. Being able to pay my bills is the thing he's most proud of me for. It used to be remembering to check the air on my tires, but after the little fiasco this Thanksgiving I think he's just glad I haven't died yet.

I've mostly calmed down since I first got the call this morning. I have money to pay it. I just want to make sure I'm not double paying.


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