Friday, November 16, 2007

The Butler Did It

Robin, Celi, and I went to a play at Grace tonight.

It's really weird to be back at Grace not being a student.
It's even weirder when other former Gracies are there as well.
I'm really glad that I live far enough away to not be one of those people who always hangs out around campus.
It's really nice to enjoy a Grace activity without dealing with schoolwork or rules.

During intermission we decided that we should go out for dinner and drinks. After the cries of excitement died down I said that I love the excitement we have over being at Grace and being able to go out for drinks.

When we got back to the theater a student stopped us and asked us if we were former Gracies, because of my comment. She said she's not a rebel, but she is looking forward to ditching the rules. We know exactly how she feels. I don't think any of us miss college.

The show was cute. A little confusing, but cute.

Then we went to Applbee's. I recommend the White-Peach Sangria


Beautifully Profound said...

That looks good. Looks like a girly drink!

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