Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hide & Seek Fog

Vicki Austin walked through the fog of New York pretending she was a Bronte in the English countryside. When I first read The Young Unicorns (Madeleine L'Engle) I had no idea who the Bronte sisters were (even though I'd already read Jane Eyre), but I love fog so I figured Vicki, Emily, and Charlotte must be ok (I changed my mind after realizing Charlotte Bronte was responsible for Jane Eyre, I hate that book).

It is really foggy today and I'm hoping it lasts through my lunch break. The fog is one of the things I love about Indiana. In Ohio the fog doesn't last, there might be little wisps of it in the morning, but by 8 or 9 they're gone. In Indiana there's always the possibility the the fog will hang on till evening when it is most fabulous.


Emily said...

It can be pretty, but I'm not a fan of driving in it.

Jonathan Erdman said...

Awesome photo. Is that recent?

Melody said...

Emily, I love driving in fog...when there's not traffic.

Jon, Probably not. I didn't take it, it's off google image search.

Jonathan Erdman said...

grumble, grumble........I thought that was a pretty picture from the backyard or some cool place in Indiana.

The fog looked cool at dusk last night as I was biking through the country. Not quite as thick as in the picture, but there was a lot of moisture - it was very cool. Depressing, but cool.

Melody said...

The fog was actually thicker than that up here. If I'd taken a photo it would have been a swath of gray.

Fog isn't depressing, it's pretty!

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