Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Veering sharply back in to the murky waters of consumerism - this post is dedicated to artwork. All available for very reasonable prices on etsy. Click the picture to visit the site.

I Will Wait For You Here
$20, $5 s&h

I got bored with what the artist had to say, so I'm just going to tell you that I really like the colors and and children's story book feel to this picture.

A Bucket of Led
$10, $4 s&h

I like the graphic qualityto this and John Clark's other works.
I adore the use of book pages as background/texture. Adore it.

Bird on Blue
$13, $2.50 s&h

I love the sweet speudo-realistic feel to this. The shapes are so great and clean and accurate, and yet the artist didn't go for full blown naturalism. Lovely.

My Tree Is Special
Cotton Fabric Print $6 (pictured)
8x8 Semi-Gloss $15
2¼" Pocket Mirror $10
$2.50 s&h

There a million other prints from this artist that are just as fabulous. I love the characters, I love the rich colors, the shading, all wonderful. Makes me happy.

Lunastrella Mix Tape Cassette

$30, $5 s&h

I don't know why I like this picture. I just do.
I also like the Lunastrella Radio.

My absolute favorites though are from
Belle&Boo. I love the adorable storybook quality they have.


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