Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I spent last night at the mall.

Evidently actual colors on pants are out this season. Instead all dress slacks are a blend of black, white, and tan, so that they aren't a real color and can't actually be paired with any other neutral colors...or really anything else at all.

I did find some nice tan pants at Macy's, but they cost $150 and that seemed excessive.

I found some at Old Navy too, but they had metallic gold thread woven through them. I'm not the type of person who wears pants that shimmer, but the pants I finally ended up with from Sears are just so ugly that I might end up returning to Old Navy to buy the goldish ones anyhow.

I hate this. I hate the frenzied search for something I do not want or need just so I can look dressy in a place I don't want to be.

Then, to compound my frustration, I got lost trying to get back to my house. I'm not much a fan of being lost either.

Then Robin and I went on a walk, which was good at the time, but today I'm all zomby-like because I didn't get much sleep. I'm going to need a lot of caffiene for the drive home.

Fortunately, I thought, I have most of my work done so I can just coast. Except for not because my boss wants me to sort and pack stuff. I'm not sure I have that kind of energy, but at least it doesn't involve much thought.


Emily said...

Three cheers for brainless work!

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