Thursday, November 29, 2007

If you want to destroy my sweater...

I am officially on my last sweater and it has a big hole in it and it fraying at the ends.

My sweater hunt has been a tragic failure, which is kinda problematic since the tempature keeps dropping. One of these days someone is going to mistake me for a homeless person. That could be quite awkward, but I just can't bring myself to buy something I hate just because it's warm. Yes. I know.

But there aren't that many options in the stores lately. Our "selection" consists of jumbo cable knits with rows as thick as medium sized redwoods, demure cardigans that have been tragically disfigured with faux elephant tusk buttons, & old lady sweaters held together by sequins and holiday apliques.

What's a little bit of hoboness when confronted holiday apliques?
Nothing. Nothing at all.


Robin Marie said...

Cheers to... what did you call it? ...Holiday Hoboness.

Emily said...

Give in to the chunky massive sweater as I have.

Melody said...

I'm sorry Emily, but the massive chunky sweater makes me look massive and chunky. I need a magic sweater that makes me look thin and svelte.

Emily said...

When you find a magic sweater, do tell where it is.

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