Monday, November 12, 2007

'Tis the Season: Jewelry

I discovered through Lucky Magazine and Domino Magazine, both of which have featured artwork there. With Christmas coming I think it's important to make other people aware of the myriad of unique gifts available there. All the photos are linked back to the site, so you can view the shop of the person selling and/or buy the item if you love it enough. The site's description of the product is in italics.

First stop, jewelry:

This natural bamboo tile necklace features pretty white Queen Anne's Lace design. One side has a sage green background and the other side has a blue background.Reversible, it's like getting two pendants for the price of one! Both sides are decorated with coordinating images.

$12.00, s&h $2.25

I think this necklace is really nice for 14 bucks. And while it makes fine use of the silloutted flowers/plants trend it is unique enough that forty million other people won't be looking fabulous in the exact same thing.

Tragically these red lucite birds are sold out and I don't know if they plan to stock more, but the shop does sell more necklaces of the same idea. Trendy, the birds, the plasticness. My only complaint is the beeding. I know they're trying to make it nicer, but a plain metal chain would have been nicer.

These 1" diameter wooden circles were covered with decorative papers and finished with a clear water-resistent seal for a unique piece to accent any outfit. Wear on any chain, cord or ribbon {chain not included}. Each comes tied through their silver ring to their individual packaging, looking professional for those who want to give as gifts...

$4.00 plus $1.25 s&h = amazing

They have a ton of cute pendants in this shop, plus earrings and bags and all kinds of other cuteness. I think I could do half my Christmas shopping just at Tinker With This.

Adorable fork, knife, and spoon charms hang from a silver-tone 18 inch chain. Silverware measures approximately 1 inch long. Has a screw-tight barrel clasp closure. Necklace has a nice, vintage feel. So cute!

$12.00, s&h $1.64

Quirky and interesting. It's a good thing my sister doesn't read my blog because I'm pretty sure she would adore this.

I like the shape and color of these copper earings, but I'm also highly amused by the artist's naming them Suzabelle.
These earrings have such vintage appeal...just love!Metal mixes ...using both distressed copper ear-hooks & hoops and antique brass findings. Paired with glazed looking emerald facetted glass beads...fabulous!
$13.00 & $2.50 s&h make these barely on the more expensive end of the jewlery I looked at, but it's still a great price and a wonderful find for anyone whose gift list includes lovers of one-of-a-kind adornments.
Well, I'm off to my lunch break, but I've got much more to post - next up - clothing and other odds and ends.


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