Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I'm not a dog person. When I was little my bestfriend had several large dogs and they all terrified me. Later I just found them annoying.

When I was in highschool Holly had a tiny yorky-pek mix (2 lbs.). We loved that dog without a reason. It was never house trained. When it was outside it spent it's time digging holes under the fence so it could go harrass the neighbor's german-sherpherd. When you tried to put food in it's bowl it tried to bite you. It stole all our socks out of the laundry and lined it's cage with them. It did no tricks and did not come when called.

After college I moved in with Alice and her deranged dog. It never stopped barking. Ever.
We had it for less than a year when Alice traded it in for her other dog. At first it seemed like a good trade because this dog didn't bark nearly as much and almost never jumped over the couch while we were trying to watch television. But the fact that it was bigger than our apartment and ate everything in sight began to grate on my nerves.
The past few months without a dog anywhere near me have been bliss.

It just so happens that my roommate's dearest wish is to have a dog. Fortunately for me there are a few things that make this livable.
1. My roommate does not want a small yappy dog nor a descendent of Cliffard the Big Red Horror.

2. We have a yard and basement that we can dump the dog into.

3. Whenever the dog annoys me I can run to Target and buy it a funny outfit.

4. The dogs Robin's looking at are actually kinda on the cute side. You know. For dogs.


Robin Marie said...

My puppy's cute! And you think so, too.
And those dog clothes are ugly... please, please don't. Cute clothes? Cuter clothes?

Emily said...

The idea of a cute pet is nice, but then I think about the cost, training, maintenance, mess-cleaning-up, on and on... so no.

Melody said...

Your puppy is cute.

In case anyone wondered, we went to look at puppies this afternoon. They were adorable and Robin bought one.

Well Robin, I definately won't be buying that raincoat if that's any consolation.

Emily, I say no to pets for the same reasons you mentioned. Fortunately, this dog isn't mine. It's Robin's. So all I have to do is enjoy how cute it looks and buy it random outfits whenever I feel like giving Robin convulsions.

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