Monday, November 12, 2007

Shop till you drop: Clothing For Everyone

I think this illustration style apple shirt is cute and fun. At $30 it's not cheap, but surely you love someone $30 worth? (s&h $5.00)

Don't you just love apples? I have screen-printed this cutie using red, green, and black fabric ink. The design is heat-set so it will be washfast.

I adore this detailed ship design. The color's pretty great too. Again, nice if you're shopping for someone who doesn't want to be the same old department store clone - this is trendy without being typical.

May the wind be to your stern. Very high quality 100% cotton super soft american apparel Ladies longsleeve shirt. 100% made in USA and sweatshop free. This shirt has a nice shape so it's cute. The shirt is olive green with big big big boat print. Very stylish very Unique very limited!

$32 - $5 s&h, no s&h if shipped with something this Blooming Jade Tree baby doll T or the Undersea Wraparound Chrome Seaweed Hoodie (mens).

This is a hand-dyed Medium/Light Teal/Blue Maternity T-Shirt, with a sweet Safari Animal Mobile hanging over your growing baby.

This smart maternity shirt is a steal at $18.00. You have no idea how much I wish I knew someone who was pregnant so I could give this to them. It wouldn't matter who they were or even if I liked them, I just want to buy this for somebody.

Once again, $5.00 s&h but only $1.50 if you ship with something else. The peacock t or the scribble guitar t are both way too cool to be maternity and they're both $20.

If your pals have already had the little bundle of joy (as my friends have) you can choose from assorted cutenesses at JackSprat.

Sweet light-gray cotton poplin shirt features contrast red stitching and buttons. The buttoned flaps on this dapper top open to allow for comfortable on-and-offing. Front pocket can fit at least two medium-sized toads comfortably. The light gray and red are a striking pair.
Cuteness has a price: $28.

2-4T size crocheted beanie with a little visor and a big flower. This hat fits kids approximately 2 to 4 years of age and is made with 100% cotton yarn.

This comes at standard cuteness price $28.

Or, if money is an object - you can horrify your friends and relations by purchasing the Pink Peony Headband. $12. Not worth it.

If my brother ever, ever dressed up for anything other than weddings or funerals I would totally buy him this tie. I love it and it's a lot cooler than some kind of weird paisley or striped pattern. $15.

Monkey Belt $15, free s&h world wide.

What a great addition to any outfit!This brown canvas belt has a coated image of a monkey on the silver buckle/ closure part.

I think it's real cute. Ok, not for the sophisticated, but if you're buying for a girl between the ages of 6 and 15, they'll be delighted.

These fingerless gloves seem to be the next big thing. Personally, I think it's because they've discovered gloves are easier to make without fingers and yet mittens are extremely uncool. But, if you know someone whose jumped on this band wagon or who likes a little bit of punk in their wardrobe, this is your place.

The white cable knit on the left - Brand new pair arm warmers!100% Acrylic, Machine WashableColor: cream, purple, brown or old fashion pink (not baby pink)This model is very comfo! Each IMBROGLIA model is handknitted and produced in a very limited quantity...$45

The red Tubeway Armies in the center - Keep your hands, wrists and arms toasty and snug in these two-of-a-kind armies made from recycled, boiled and felted 100% wool sweaters. Wear them from autumn to spring, indoors and on the streets. Great for keyboarding, cycling, walking the dog or just living warmly!$25
The Joy arm warmers on the right - This elegant design was inspired by a pair of 19th century fingerless mitts from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. $8.98
Or you could just make your own out of socks or a sweater. Either way.


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