Wednesday, January 30, 2008

because I like to laugh

There's so much ambigouity in modern romance. Make your feelings unmistakable.

I can't quite envision the type of outfit one would wear this with.

This Love Meter Pendant reminds me of Relient K's mood ring song, but it's a little more to the point. Here are some other options for the thick headed.


kontrabanda said...

i LOVE that octopus! except for maybe wearing it in the dating/relationship context might send the wrong idea... :)

Melody said...

lol! Yes, I suppose it might.

Randy W said...

I could see Davy Jones pulling the octopus off. Hi, came across your blog in the blogging thread on relevant magazine's boards.

Melody said...

Davy Jones like the 60's pop-culture icon or like the squid man from Pirates of the Carribean?

Cuz I'll be honest, I'm not sure if I can see the squid man being secure enough to pull it off ;)

Melody said...

P.S. Thanks for visiting the blog!

Robin Marie said...

lol. Those are great!

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