Saturday, January 12, 2008

On new experiences and anti-social tendencies.

My weeks usually consist of going to work and coming home. My roommate might be at home with me or she might be with her boyfriend. I might end up walking down the street to buy a white-chocolate toffee mocha, or I might just microwave dinner. But mostly my life is an exercise in isolationism.

I think I traded lives with someone else this week. It was good times, but I don't think I could do it every week. Sometimes I wish I had a fuller social calander, and a lot of times other people tell me I need more friends (a lot of times), but the truth is I wouldn't spend so much time alone if I didn't actually enjoy time alone. I do, and that's ok. And after this week I'm definately going to need time to recharge. Especially after the wedding expo.

Alice is getting married this Tuesday...but the actual ceremony has been pushed back to May. For the me that is designing the invitations this is amazing - for the me that will have to spend the next four months in wedding land...

I'm glad to help, really, but wedding land can be a scary place. And today I was in it's capitol city. Tux rentals, dress preservation, florists, caterers, photographers, honeymoon packages...and a million brides.

Later Robin, Celi, and I went to see National Treasure. I wasn't all that impressed, but a medium Dr. Pepper, half a bad of Reeses Pieces, and two hours alone in the dark went a long way to helping me recover from having been around so many people.

I kind of wanted alone time tonight, but I also kind of wanted to go to a church service I found out about a couple weeks ago. I'd told Robin I was going and so she said she'd go with me. If she hadn't gone with me I'm not sure I'd have made it in the door, much less up the stairs to the actual meeting (so see Robin, it's as much your fault as it is mine).

We spent the first third of the service (which was a circle of chairs, 20 people, and a guitar) wishing we hadn't come. We could have done whatever we wanted...Robin could have spent more time with Celi, I could have read. You can always put these things off till the next week, right?

I ended up liking it though. They're reading through Acts, the oldest guy preached, but it was mostly just his thoughts on the passage and other people could share their thoughts on the passage. And the sermon/discussion ended up touching on things that have kinda been coming up other that was...interesting. People were nice, we even stayed and talked afterwards...I don't was...good. For those first twenty minutes I thought I was going to die, but I think I'll be back next week.


Robin Marie said...

I suppose it was my fault, as well, but that doesn't mean it wasn't mostly your fault.

Weddingland is a very scary place. Kinda like Wonderland

Melody said...

Ok - I suppose I could take majority responsibility. But it turned out ok.

I don't know, I think I'd take Wonderland first.

Robin Marie said...

I think it might depend on whose wedding it is.

I think, though, that wonderland could be a lot of fun - even in the worst of times.

Melody said...

I don't know, wonderland could be a kind of creepy place.

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