Thursday, January 24, 2008


My favorite sweater died. The door to my room doesn't latch anymore. The speakers in my car play more crackle than they play music.

It's still a good morning. I did really well with the layouts of our magazine this issue. One of the benefits of working at the itsy-bitsy publishing house is that my boss let's me do pretty much what I want with our layouts and that's let me make them better than they were...but this time it's really at a whole other level. So much nicer. Plus, I even got some recognition for it. I can't even explain how spyched that makes me.

I'm even excited about our company lunch this afternoon and I hate company lunches. I don't even like the restaurant we're going to. Still happy about it.


Emily said...

Yay for fixing up the layouts and getting recognition!

Robin Marie said...

Yeah. You slam your door every night. Several times. I think it's too hot in your room, maybe. Mine's about ten degrees colder than it is in the hall... that might help

Melody said...

It's not that warm in there, actually. And it always used to latch!

Today I'm a lot more annoyed about my car speakers. And about everything really, I think I just woke up in a bad mood.

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