Thursday, January 31, 2008


Most stations play the top 40. Up until a week ago we listened to two such stations in the office. We catch the local Christian morning show until 10 when the preaching comes on and then we switch to the secular station for the rest of the day.

I liked this. The Christian station plays pretty up to the moment stuff from artists like Leeland, Relient K, and SuperChic[k] and it's a nice way to start of my morning. The DJs aren't so bad either. And the secular station plays a pretty good mix of right-now music and old-school classics.

But recently a coworker complained of hearing the top 40 and for the last week we've been tuned-in to a station that pretty much ignores the fact that albums have been released after the year 2000. Right now I'm listening to the Crayon Song, by Petra. I loved this song when I was eight.

Most of the songs have been from the year I turned 13. I remember them pretty vividly because was a lot of discussion over whether I would even be allowed to listen to such questionable albums as Jesus Freak (yes) and Much Afraid or Going Public (no).

One round of listening to such songs as Flood and Shine had me feeling nostalgic for junior high...twice in one hour has me glad it's my lunch break.


Emily said...

That would get annoying. I guess I should be thankful that I can listen to whatever I want.

kontrabanda said...

I've been driving a lot lately and I've found the national broadcasting station really really cool. In the states it's NPR - they really cover some pretty cool stuff - nice change.

Randy W said...

I remember such discussions in my childhood. Dad thought the Newsboys were evil and Jesus Freak was a horrid album. Funny now but exasperating at the time.

Melody said...

Do you have your own office Emily?

Kontra, example of what really cool is? We only listen to music at work because talking is distracting.

Randy, yes, hillarious now, but felt horrible way back when. My sister and I eventually wore our parents down...I talked them to death about why we should be able to listen to the songs and my little sister just popped the stuff in the player, cranked up the volume, and had dance parties in our living room.

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