Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Tuesday is the new Monday

I can't even tell you how bored I am. I've wasted as much time as humanly possible. I've desgined all the ads in my in-box; I even took more time than usual in a mostly futile attempt to combine Amish advertising with modern designing. I've mentally gone over how much my portfolio sucks and what I need to do beef it up. And now I'm contemplating what kind of illustrations/clip art I could create.

Plus, I'm super tired. Yesterday I was super tired and I had a 5-hour energy drink and that helped quite a bit, but today I didn't have one because I thought I had energy. But I don't and I'm dying.

So, what should I draw? If you see this and it's past five, don't worry...Tuesday happens every week, I'll use it sometime.


Emily said...

Draw someone's brain leaving him/her. Or listen to a song and draw what that song brings to mind.

Melody said...

Good thoughts! I'll post what I come up with later.

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