Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ingrid Michaelson

There are people out there who always seem to know the cool music. They blog about harmonies and voice quality and innovativeness. I don't really know much about music, but the other day when I was doodling to The Way I Am by Ingrid Michaelson I had to look up the lyrics so I would get them right and I stumbled across Ingrid's myspace. So that evening I cranked up my computer speakers and flooded my living room with selections from her new/only cd, Girls and Boys. I liked it. A lot.

It's not the type of thing I normally go for. It's kind of emo, this business about fragile hearts and cutting through rib-cages, but I love Ingrid Michaelson's voice. It makes me think of Judy Garland and it feels old-fashioned without feeling old-fashioned at all.

It's great for reading or drawing and it makes me feel like my livingroom is actually the set of some meandering indi-flick. I bought her cd last night ($10 at Target, in their "up & coming" section) and it turns out to be good driving music as well.

My only suggestion for Miss Michaelson is that she fire her photographer. He or she makes her look ridiculous. And she should send a thank-you note to Border's for strategically cutting the absurdity out of the photographand making her look like the person who wrote all those songs.

But, Ingrid, keep whoever told you it would be smart to have a t-shirt design contest. It keeps you fun and trendy.


Dan B (no, not Bennett, think harder) said...

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Emily said...

Oh, she's the one who sings that sweater song that was used by Old Navy. Catchy and nice, but since hearing it a bunch on tv...

I do like her voice, though.

Melody said...

You must be a "Grey's Anatomy" watcher, those people are all sick of her, but I only ever hear her on the radio (I don't even think I've seen the Old Navy commercial people keep mentioning) so I still like the song...although now that I've been exposed to the full range of her talents I have to say that's probably one of the less impressive of her songs...though still the most radio friendly.

Robin Marie said...

Ah yes, that's the cd you bought the other day... I think I might have to listen to it

Melody said...

Check out her myspace and see what you think...or I can always bring the cd in some evening, but we're usually watching tv.

Emily said...

I'm listening to her, and she is catchy. My fav so far is "Die Alone."

Melody said...

I do love "Die Alone" I'm also a big fan of "Breakable", "Overboard", and "Highway" and...ok, I love most of the songs.

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