Monday, January 28, 2008


It's a good thing I've got a lot of residual happiness from the weekend, because this morning has done nothing to help my mood.

I forgot breakfast. I've had to make a million changes on a ton of ads. Worst, those amazing layouts I did? The printers offset the black from the color about an eight of an inch. Not professional looking at all!

That's still kinda funny though, because just as my boss finished telling one of the other guys about it, I walked in all upset, "Daaaan! Have you seen this?!" And Ray just laughed because no one else even noticed anything was off. Well, I bet the people I show my portfolio to would notice. So now my boss is going to have someone go around to the drop off points till we find one that isn't messed up so I can have a good copy for my portfolio. Have I mentioned I have the best boss ever?

But the weekend was good. It feels like forever since the Link has done anything. In the end I thought 27 Dresses was a little bit lame, but it was a ton of fun to hang out with all the girls and to see the infamous bridesmaid pantsuit. I wish I had a photo of us all dressed up, but we forgot to get one. The only picture taken was of all of us at the restaurant.

And Sunday I accidentally found a really hillariously cute shirt for my roommate's dog. I've been threatening to buy that dog clothing since Robin first mentioned wanting a dog and when I saw the little shirt in Wal-Mart I knew that it was the perfect time to carry out my promise. Picture's will follow soon.


Emily said...

Yes, it was good!

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