Monday, November 5, 2007

Indiana Jones Day

Robin and I had Indiana Jone's day this past Saturday.

We had cheese, crackers, and wine for a light lunch during the first movie,Indiana Jone's and the Temple of Doom. I know, it was released in three years after Raiders of the Lost Ark, but the setting is in 1985 and Raiders of the Lost Ark takes place in 1986.

I do love the Temple of Doom, really and truly, but it's hard to believe this movie won an oscar (Best Effects - of all things).

We ate dinner while we waited for the the rest of our friends to show up and then we popped in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Marion Ravenwood (Karen Allen) is my favorite ever Indi girl. Willi (Kate Capshaw) had the stupidest lines and was afraid of everything. Marion was smart and could fend for herself a bit. Elsa, of course, is smartest and possibly most beautiful, but since she tried to betray Indi, there's really not much to be said for her.

Then we watched Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade, which is my favorite Indiana Jones movie.
I was six or seven when I saw it for the first time and the only bit I remember is the boat chase, because my mom told me to shut my eyes when they went between the boats. I was frustrated and said, "Indiana Jones can't die at the start of his own movie!" and opened my eyes in time to see the boat behind them explode. My mother always assured us that things in movies weren't real, but as kids we always seemed much more conscious of the fact that it was a story than my mother did.

When I was older my sister and I had an obsession with the Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade computer game. We spent hours trying to solve that thing. We were friends with two brothers who were also obsessed and we spent hours together trying to figure out that game. We watch The Last Crusade over and over looking for clues and we were so jealous the day they told us they'd beat it and demanded that they show us how. Then it came out that actually their father had beat the game while they watched. Tragically the computer game broke down before we were able to beat it. Oh nostalgia, now I want to find a copy on e-bay so my sisters and I can play when I'm home for Christmas.


Emily said...

Indy! The first Indy scene I remember watching as a kid was in the Last Crusade toward the end when he's hopping on the stones.

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