Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Breakfast Club

The only breakfast foods that I enjoy are nutritionally void. I tried oatmeal for a while, but it's gross and my coworkers were always telling me what it looked like I was eating, which was more gross. So now I have slim-fat shakes for breakfast. They're tastier than oatmeal, get me through to lunch, and they're less complicated...usually.

Well, I bought some more shakes the other day and I forgot them in my car, of course now they're frozen. Being the the bright person that I am I thought, oh I'll just set it by the space heater for a minute so it can thaw out.

Right...well a minute turned into half an hour and now I think I may have cooked what's inside the can. I could open it, or I could just be thankful that a coworker brought in chocolate chip cookies for the breakroom...


kontrabanda said...

i vote cookies. i am sure they are full of vitamin C :) :)

Melody said...


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