Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Ok, so my valentine's day celebration pretty much consisted of walking around taking photos and getting coffee with pink whipped cream and sprinkles, but it was still good.
I met a guy who thinks that because he and his girlfriend are both a little strange (he is a lot more strange than she is) he doesn't have to do anything special for v-day. He figured out pretty quickly that he was wrong. She didn't take well to his charming harrassment about her eating habits and later I could hear her quietly protest to some antic with, "Noooo, we're supposed to be doing fun, romantic stuff!"

And now I'm enjoying The Parent Trap - the one with Lindsay Lohan back when she was cute and sweet.


Adam Garland said...

Cool blog, love the header. Mary had a little lamb, priceless. Saw your blog on relevant.

Did you take those photos? The sky one is awesome, great composition and colors. The lighting is intresting.

I never thought the Lohan parent trap was that great, the original was awesome.

Melody said...

Thanks Adam, I did take the photos.

The orginal Parent Trap is, of course, the very best. There's no way to top Hailey Mills, ever. But the Lilo version was on tv.

Adam Garland said...

What camera are you using? I don't have any sort of funds to be using a DSLR so I have the next best thing. A sorta-kinda-not-really-da best-digital camera-that's-like-a-DSLR-but-not-really-for-a-lot-cheaper.

I'm using a Kodak Z712 IS. It's alright, I have problems with color and light (which is bad) but I have Photoshop 7. It makes everything better. But everything would be better if I knew a little bit more about what I was doing too.

Melody said...

I don't have an SLR either, I'm saving my pennies for a Nikon D-40.
Right now I have Panasonic Lumix. It does ok.

Not having an SLR does make the lighting/color problem a lot harder, I don't know what settings your camera has - mine is able to make adjustments for sunlight, florescent, cloudy outdoor, and shadows.

My best advice is to just to keep trying to see what your camera does in different lighting situations and to work with it. The first photo is straight from the camera - the second I had to majorly edit the color because my camera can't handle dimly lit situations at all.

Adam Garland said...

Yeah! Nikon D40!

That's the one I was looking at. Although I was looking at hopefully the d40X or the D80 which would make me very happy.

I've got lighting adjustment functions too, but most of the time my camera will over or under expose it. But I like all my photos a little darker and contrast

I really like the colors in th first one, it's very subtle but bright.

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