Sunday, February 17, 2008

Rainy Day

I wasn't feeling all that well this morning. I've been a bit sick to my stomach and all week I've been dropping things when I've no call to be doing so. Today I dropped half a chicken-salad sandwhich all over my jacket. At least I don't have small children.

But, my afternoon was fabulous. It was warm outside and it was raining and I love both.
I got to read, I got to take pictures, and I got to talk to find out what my sister's cryptic message was all about (it was good news about a friend, but all my sister said was, "There's something about so&so that you need to know").

And then of course there was youth group this evening, which was enjoyable as always.

And I went to Target and bought some half price valentine candy because...why not?


kontrabanda said...

what a lovely picture of the bench in the rainy day!! :)

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