Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Daily Amusement

I love that this girl thought to make a note card with an artery on front. Hillarious.

She has some other stuff, like embroidered hearts, as well, but I'm pretty sure none of them beat out the artery card.
Another artist I'm loving is Jen McCleary who combines real photographs to make imaginary lanscapes.

I think she's pretty darn brilliant.


I'm also loving the design of these pillows by Orange Flower, but I'm really sad that 1. They're velveteen 2. The underside has an ugly stripey pattern. 3. They're 60 dollars.

Highly amusing - this ceramic "Baby Face" tile, by Susan Kniffin Davidson.

By the way, I realize it's hard to tell with this set up, but there are links to all of these sellers, so if you love something you can get to it.


kontrabanda said...

i wonder what she does in photoshop to get those cool colors/filter effects. do you know of any cool sites with tutorials?

Emily said...

That baby formation is kind of psycho. But it reminds a little of Hans Solo. :)

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