Monday, February 25, 2008


I didn't think about it last night when I was sore all over, but how is it that after a few days packed with a lot of walking, my arms are tired? It just seems wrong.

I've been incredibly tired, probably because most of my recent meals have been pure sugar.

Yesterday, was a really good day. I'm not entirely sure why it was good, but I think a lot of it had to do with having a lot of good conversations. So if I talked to you yesterday, thanks!

Cat Lady Update: We found out that the lady wants to make her summer home here, but she can't afford to buy land with a house on it. This explains nothing - unless she's planning on living in the barn with the cats - but we did find out that she's going to hire someone to look after the cats.

Can you imagine having that as your part time job? How would you even describe that on your resume? Oh - and the lady already had 6 cats rounded up. I have no idea where she's keeping them now (do we even want to know?) but evidently she's just waiting for the right barn to catch her eye (she's had several offers so far, but I guess they weren't good enough).


Emily said...

People like the cat lady help me feel normal.

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