Monday, February 4, 2008

The roommate at I got up at an extremely unreasonable hour and went shopping in our PJs. Every year in Amish-Land there is a massive sale available only to those willing to crawl out of bed at 4 am and go shopping in their nightwear. It's entirely Robin's fault that we were part of that crowd. The best part was getting my amazing mango-danish-panini. So good.

I went back to bed at 8:30 and slept till 11:30.

Of course I watched the Super Bowl. I love watching the Super Bowl commercials, but unfortunately there were a lot of people talking so I didn't hear most of them. They didn't look that amazing though, unfortunately.

Normally I don't pay any attention to the game, but this year I had a running commentary by Katie and that made it a lot more interesting. I was even excited when the Giants won!

Erica and...her husband, whose name I do not recall, brought their kids. And to be perfectly honest my first thought was, "Great. Children." I tend to not enjoy kids until they're at least in the third grade, but Erica's kids are under five and pretty darn adorable. Even the baby who insisted that my purse actually belonged to her.

The oldest (whose name I also do not recall) wanted to know why I was drawing and could he draw too? I had to give him a piece of paper and a pencil. If I can't make it through the superbowl without a little doodling, how can I expect a five year old to? So then Kaitlyn (?) the middle kid, wanted to draw too, and I ended up just grabbing another notebook for them.

One of the many reasons why I dislike small children is that when drawing is involved they inevitably say, "I can't draw that, you do it for me!" Of course they can't draw it, they're four, their lists of accomplishments include standing upright and using the toilet. My actual, more kosher, but still wantonly harsh, response is that I couldn't draw that way when I was four either. If they practice hard they're be able to draw it when they're as old as me. It's mean, think about it.

However, I enjoyed Erica's two oldest, because neither of them did that. The boy just drew whatever he wanted and by the end told me he wasn't going to tear his last picture out of the book because the next drawing would be just good like mine and the girl asked me to show her and then gleefully made scratches that vaugely resembled mine. She was so spyched and adorably unaware of the disparity between our drawings.

At work the internet is down and has been since Friday. There was very little actual work to do, so I had to make some up. Mostly I made clip art. It's a little tiring after a while.

Then I drove home in the ridiculous fog.


Emily said...

The 3 C's were cute, weren't they?

Beautifully Profound said...

LOVE the new setup! That panini thing looks AMAZING. My favorite commercial of the SB was the one with the stain on the guys shirt.It almost made up for the patriots losing.

Randy W said...

Friendly looking sandwich you ate there.

Sounds like an interesting weekend

Robin Marie said...

that danish panini was fantabulous.

kontrabanda said...

where do you live?

the stalker in me is coming out - obviously! don't answer that if you are under 18.

i am trying to be funny...

Randy W said...

For some reason the first image in this post didn't load last time I visited. Fairies Exist. It reminds me of the girl who plays Peter Pan in Finding Neverland.

Melody said...

I live in Northern Indiana, near a bunch of little towns with jibberish sounding names like Mishawaka, Wakarusa, Wawasee, and Shipshewana.

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