Friday, February 8, 2008

Office Claustrophibia

In highschool one of my bestfriends decided she had "People Claustrophobia". Most of our friends were offended, but I completely understood. I need at least three feet between me and other people, as a general thing.

(friends and family are an exception, crowded seating situations are an exception - though I still need a chair between me an strangers or I will probably hyperventilate)
Unfortunately today finds me at my desk and a million people who keep crowding around it. I understand that my coworkers need supplies and that in some cruel twist of fate the supply cabinet was placed directly behind my desk. I understand that the pritner techs have to put their ladders right behind my chair to install the wiring, but that doesn't keep me from wanting to kick the ladder over. I don't understand why "Office Lady" has to keep coming over to explain her explaination that she has already written down for me, "This might be a little confusing, this here where I've crossed out these numbers and written in new ones, means that you need to replace the old numbers with the ones I've written in."
It doesn't really matter why these people are hovering around my desk. The only thing that matters is that if it doesn't stop soon I am going to have a nervous breakdown.
No, seriously, it has to stop or I'm going to chuck my monitor at someone.
Have happy sunshiney days!


Emily said...

Hang in there!

Melody said...

Thanks. It's better now.

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