Thursday, February 28, 2008

Happy Thursday to You!

Recently the coat tree in the office was moved so that it is slightly behind my desk. This is frustrating because it gives people one more "reason" to stand behind my desk. If they hang their coat badly and it falls off they have to come stand behind my desk again. I just want them to stay on their side of the office.

Another habit in the office is to attempt convert signing of birthday cards. It used to be that we very cleverly waited until the coworker in question was at lunch, but the office manager has oh-so cleverly decided that it would be better to pass the card around while the person is in the office and that to hide it we will put it in a manilla folder with a post-it note that says, "For So&so's birthday!" So that even if the person would have been stymied by the secretive passing the folder - that goes to every desk but theirs - they can have the issue cleared up merely by glancing at the thing.

In the afternoon of the person's birthday we usually have a cake, half of which goes to waste because there aren't enough of us to eat a whole cake, we all insist on small slices, and we always buy an ice-cream cake and no one wants to take a half melted ice-cream cake home with them.


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