Thursday, February 28, 2008


Etsy has a lot of creative (read: absurd) clothing for sale. It always makes me think of some kind of sci-fi/fantasy world.

This girl clearly belongs on some underveloped planet in a Star Trek: Next Generation episode. Her people worship some weird diety/forcefield which is completely scientifically explainable and, coincidentally, vital to helping the crew repair their vessel.

She is headstrong and fascinated by/crushing-on one of the crew members. She wants to leave with them and explore space, but they convince her to use her fine leadership skills and curiousity with her own people.

This girl is a singer in a space age lounge. Not a main character - so her outfit doesn't have to be attractive, just weird.

This poor child looks like an escaped Cupcake doll. Toys were so weird in the 80s.

(I loved my Cupcake dolls - almsot as much as I loved my Merry Cherry Muffin dolls or my Strawberry Shortcake dolls)


Emily said...

Complete agreement on the "fashion." Why do "fashionable" things have to be forward (i.e. no person in their right mind would where it anywhere)?

Melody said...

Who knows? I love fashion design - because it's interesting...but this month's issue of Lucky mostly had me in tears. The tragic hidiousness on those wrong.

Robin Marie said...

You're right! It does look like something from Star Trek!

Darcie said...

Thanks for stopping by my site. I don't think I look nice, probably just dumb ;)

And that second girl definitely needs a bra. Just thought i'd mention that.

Melody said...

She could use a little support/padding, couldn't she?

Hmm, oddly enough that just re-enforces my feelings about her being a space-age lounge singer...those people always need bras.

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