Friday, February 8, 2008

The Craziest Cat Lady...and other tales

Ok, so we just got a call from a lady in Chicago, who wants to advertise in our classifieds. She's looking for ½-5 acres of land with a barn on it. No house, she can't afford a house, just a barn.

And what she plans on doing is to collect these stray cats that are running around her neighborhood in Chicago, bring them to the Indiana countryside, and put them in this barn!

So we've been speculating about how this will work. Will she run cats down here (in her car?!) every weekend and dump some food for them? Will she live in the barn with them and care for them? Does she think they will just take care of themselves and not leave the ½-5 acres?

I said she should buy a house, dump the cats inside, dump some mice inside, and let the thing take it's course, but my coworkers didn't like that idea much.

I look forward to seeing how this goes down.

Another funny classified ran in someone else's paper, this lady sent in an advertisement to sell her Pinto. Well, somehow the paper accidentally ran it in the food section. She got about 60 calls from people about the ad. A lot of people were horrified, but about half the calls were from people who really wanted to buy horse meat!

Right now, I'm designing an ad for a product called "Cardio Cocktail" and I'm having a hard time mustering up enough restraint to not design it with a picture of a heart bobbing in a cocktail. A really hard time.


Emily said...

That cat story is scary. I can think of many more beneficial ways to use money.

Love the cardio cocktail picture.

Kenji said...

I find the cat question disturbing. Who would want to have that kind of property next door.

I wonder if there needs to be a special zoning variance for it?

...actually, for someone who likes to torture and kill cats, maybe that would be a great property to have next door...

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