Friday, February 29, 2008


"If you have poofy hair you have to be shallow because it takes so long to make it straight. People who have straight hair get to be above caring about their appearance because it's already perfect. If their hair was poofy they'd be shallow too. That's ok. I can be the shallow one."

- Bethy, my youngest sister

Bethy and I have always done battle with our hair. When we got haircuts as children the stylists would argue over which one of us had the thickest, or most troublesome, hair.

People always try to make a virtue out of not worrying over their hair. As Bethy has noted, it is usually people whose hair gives them no cause for worry. Here's the truth, when I don't do anything with my hair, which is often, it looks sloppy at best and 80s at worst.

My hair is neither curly, nor straight but it is not wavy as defined by the fashion magazines. There is no "rocker vibe" and I have never had "sexy beach curls". My ability to "style" my hair begins and ends with putting part of it up in a small ponytale. I cannot put it up in a high ponytale, barrets are useless, chopsticks frustrating. Small ponytales are my only recourse and if my hair is still wild they just make me look like a lost little girl.
If it's not straightened it's just messy.

"I know the pain of triangle hair!" - Bethy, in response to a Sunsilk Anti-poof advertisement.

My little sister's hair simply must be straightened every day. If not it is poofy, and I am convinced that a large portion of her confidence comes from knowing that her hair is shiny, straight, and staying where it is supposed to. It gives a certain stability to one's life.
I don't have my sister's commitment. It takes too long.

Which is why I was pretty darn excited to read about Sleek Memory in Lucky Magazine. It makes you hair smoother and straighter without having to do anything. The more you use it the straighter you hair gets. If you start to miss being messy (or if you started out with curls and want them back) you simply use a clarifying shamppo and you're back to where you were.

Pretty much amazing.


Emily said...

That is! Hmmm, maybe I shall look into that as well.

Anonymous said...
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