Thursday, February 7, 2008

So sweet

I realize that as a single girl I should hate valentine's day. I know I should be doing something odd like dressing in black or something whiney like lecturing people on how it's just a "Hallmark Holiday" made to benefit the card and chocolate companies.
I've also come to realize that most of my acquantences expect me to roll my eyes and dismiss Valentine's as sappy and ridiculous.
I guess part of that is because I spent the first 18 years of my life hating the color pink, but I've always made an exception for Valentine's Day and as of late pink and I have sort been reconciled.

The truth is, I love Valentine's Day. It has a great, monochromatic color scheme, and I have never, ever had a V-Day go by without recieving candy, flowers, jewelry, stuffed animal, or all of the above. I always end up going out to dinner with someone, and I always have a good time. What's not to love?

True, most of my Valentine's Day gifts are from friends and family...but the only gifts I've ever gotten from boys have been terribly disapointing; from the fifth grade, when a boy gave me a valentine with a picture of a boy and girl kissing on it and I got in trouble for having it, to college when a guy sent me candy on Valentine's Day, after I'd broken up with him.
Note: I did not break up with him on V-Day, but an entire month before!

Plus, when you're dating someone no one besides your significant other is going to be buying you anything at all. When you're single people feel bad for you, and you get something from multiple people.

If you've got to be single, try to time it for February 14th.


Robin Marie said...

The only time i've ever received anything when i was single on Valentin's day was my junior year of high school when luke and nye bought something for all the single girls in the youth group.
other than that, I've bought things for myself.
i've always had bad experiences being single on V-Day.

Melody said...

So untrue, Alice bought both of us those little flower things from the chinese restaurant last year, remember? And after we weren't snowed in anymore we totally got dessert at Hacienda.

Ok, so maybe that's not an exceelent Valentine's, but you don't exactly look primed to have a cheerful Valentine's Day this year with Mr. Flowers-Die, and nothing I've heard about Ryan's V-Day fiasco makes me envy you that.

I'm texting your boyfriend. I'm going to tell him you were so hurt over the lack of flowers that you cried. Maybe it's not quite accurate, but it'll get the job done. Think of it as my valentine's gift to you.

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